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Yorkshire, England : Classification : Pedigrees

Pedigrees are charts or tables listing the ancestors or descendents of an individual.

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Classification:GRO BMD, Census, Parish Records, Pedigrees, Visitations
Title:England Data from Ancestry
Link:England Data from Ancestry
Description:England Data Collection from Ancestry
Extra Info:Includes 1861-1901 Censuses; 1837-2005 GRO BMD; visitations and other records.
Classification:One Name Study, Pedigrees
Description:A JACKSON, BULL, TIPPER & HOLLOWAY names, dates and some trees.
Classification:Births, Deaths, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, One Name Study, Pedigrees, Wills / Probate
Title:JESSON Family Home Page
Description:JESSON Family Tree Data From Around the World
Classification:Census, One Name Study, Parish Records, Pedigrees
Title:Millington Archive
Description:The Millington Archive, the on-line resource for the Millington one-name study.
Classification:Baptisms, Burials / Cremations, Marriages, Monumental Inscriptions, Parish Records, Pedigrees, Wills / Probate
Title:Parish Registers of Batley and Other Records
Link:Batley Records
Description:Parish Registers of Batley and Other Records
Extra Info:Selected parish records 1559-1781, some wills, monumental inscriptions, pedigrees, wills and more.
Classification:Baptisms, Burials / Cremations, Marriages, One Name Study, Parish Records, Pedigrees, Wills / Probate
Title:YARKER Family Genealogy
Link:YARKER Family Genealogy
Description:YARKER Family Genealogy also Some LEYBURN and LEYBOURNE Family References
Extra Info:Relating to the Counties of Durham and Yorkshire

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